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Solar panel efficiency (expressed as a percentage) quantifies the ability of solar panels to convert sunlight into electricity. Considering that the same amount of sunlight is illuminated for the same duration on two solar panels with different efficiency levels, a more efficient panel will generate more power than a less efficient panel.

In fact, for two solar panels of the same physical size, if one has an efficiency rating of 21% and the other has an efficiency rating of 14%, a 21% efficiency panel will produce more than 50% kWh. electric power. The same conditions as the 14% efficiency panel. Therefore, maximizing energy use and bills savings rely heavily on top solar panel efficiency.

Many consumers and people in the solar industry believe that solar panel efficiency is the most important criterion for evaluating the quality of solar panels. Although this is an important criterion, it is not the only standard to consider when evaluating the installation of a particular solar panel. Solar panel efficiency relates to the ability of panels to convert energy at low cost and high supply rates.