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Most applications exist in the energy supply of livestock drinking water pumps, small (emergency) transmitters and light bulbs, and of course household energy for campsites, holiday homes, ships and remote homes.

Solar energy is generally considered expensive, but we save the environment because we don't use fossil fuels. Unfortunately, this is only partially correct. For convenience, energy for the production and transportation of solar panels, batteries and all necessary electronic equipment is not included.

According to data from various sources, the energy recovery period is about 4 to 6 years. These numbers apply to frameless panels that connect to the grid system. The energy consumed during installation and removal was also not taken into account. 

The output of the autonomous device is also lower than that of the grid-connected system. The automatic installation of the required batteries also worked. The battery is also expensive and has a limited life. However, in theory, the battery is easy to recycle.