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1) Safety management problems of power stations, lack of effective safety supervision, and low awareness of safety of employees;

2) In emerging industries, there is a large gap in professional talents;

3) The operation and maintenance industry lacks standards, technologies and specifications;

4) Lack of effective forecasting methods, the expected output of power station operation and maintenance is difficult to evaluate.


There are three main suggestions for the development and construction of photovoltaic power plants.

1. Consider adequately when designing the site, and try to avoid the risk of natural disasters. Typhoons and heavy rains should be considered in the southeast coast; glacial snowmelt should be considered in the northwestern plateau; In the summer of 2016, Chinese insurance companies suffered heavy losses due to flooding and complementary projects in the eastern and central regions; the location of distributed photovoltaic power plants should consider the nature of the factories under the roof; the ground power stations far away from human smoke should be equipped with adequate fire-fighting facilities. .

2. Fine construction to prevent fire hazards.

3. Purchase commercial insurance.