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The efficiency of component efficiency is exceeding expectations. Monocrystalline and high-efficiency products are profitable.


As the cost of high-efficiency components declines, the economics of using high-efficiency components have outpaced conventional components. The market demand also verifies this point of view. High-efficiency components such as single-crystal PERC and single-crystal double-sided are more than 50% of the front-runners. Some of the leading enterprise component biddings have all turned to single-crystal and high-efficiency products. The trend of downstream high-efficiency is obvious. The number of companies that expanded monocrystalline silicon wafers and single-crystal high-efficiency batteries/components in 2018 has increased significantly. The battery is dominated by single-crystal PERC, which will further reduce component costs. Cost-effective to drive demand, supply rapid growth to further ensure the cost-effectiveness of efficient products.