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The difference between Monocrystalline solar cell and Polycrystalline solar cell.

1.Monocrystalline solar cell

The solar cells in the monocrystalline solar panels are made of mineral silicon. The single crystal solar cell is made of a silicon cylinder cut into thin slices. Due to the special production process, the crystal direction is the same and the efficiency is the best. However, the production of single crystal solar cells is expensive, and the average price of these solar cells is higher than the prices of the other types of solar cells.

2.Polycrystalline solar cell

Polycrystalline solar cells are also composed of silicon. However, this silicon is only melted and poured into the correct shape. The silicon is cured in its cast form because no further processing is performed. As a result, the crystals are not aligned in one direction, so this solar cell is less efficient than a monocrystalline solar cell (average 2% to 3%). However, the price per watt (Wp) makes multi-panels very popular, especially for customers who have enough space on board.