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 The battery is the core of the vehicle

The battery is the heart of the vehicle, depending on whether he can use the electrical equipment in the RV or caravan. A quality battery will ensure complete comfort for travel, camping and long trips. So how do you choose the right one? The required battery capacity is determined by considering all electrical equipment that draws current from the battery. Summarizing all the features of these devices, we know what power requirements we need, and because we can determine our battery requirements. It happens that there are many devices that take power on our vehicles and stop for longer periods of time without energy sources, taking into account the fact that one battery may not be enough. In this case, the two batteries are combined to obtain the required power. However, you must be aware that such a connection can only be made if both devices have the same parameters. They must be of the same type, of the same structure, with the same voltage, capacity, and preferably if they come from the same production period. It is also important to have the same state of charge.