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SOLMAX Solar systems

Our products include modern and economical photovoltaic systems that are ideal for use at home or in the company. Advanced photovoltaic installation, converting solar energy into electricity due to special batteries.

The photovoltaic device generates electricity through a photovoltaic module. Energy from the sun is converted into electricity. It works with the grid and the current legislation is an energy store.

You no longer need to install expensive and low-maintenance batteries, and you must replace them every 4 to 5 years.

One such battery used in our photovoltaic installations is the electrical grid.

On the day when electricity production was great and we didn't use it, it was put into the network.

After dark, when the module stops working, it will automatically take power from the network.

The entire process is monitored by a solar inverter that monitors the energy flow using a two-way instrument installed by our completely free power plant.

Photovoltaic systems are safe and immune to external power supplies.

This is an investment that pays off quickly with lower electricity bills.