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  • Solar / wind energy and other new energy storage

  • Hybrid vehicles, electric bicycles and other new energy vehicles

  • Other backup or cycle purposes


General Features

  • Lead-carbon composite negative plate, both capacitance and battery characteristics

  • Long cycle life, excellent deep cycle discharge ability

  • Excellent charge acceptance ability

  • Optimized capability of instant high-current discharging

  • Strong high and low temperature performance

  • Precision sealing technology



Battery TypeLead-carbon
Nominal Voltage12V
Nominal Capacity200Ah
Design life 15 years
Terminal M8
Approx. WeightApprox 61.5kg (136lbs)
Container MaterialABS

Rated Capacity

200Ah    10Hour Rate (20.0A to 10.8V)
163Ah     3Hour Rate   (54.2A to 10.8V)
132Ah     1Hour Rate   (132A to 10.5V)
Internal resistanceFull charged at 25˚C: 2.9 mΩ
Max. Discharge Current 2400A(5S)

Operating Temperature

Discharge: -40 ~60℃(-40~ 140˚F)
Charge : -20 ~50℃(-4~ 122˚F)
Storage: -20 ~50℃(-4~ 122˚F)

Charge Method (25 ˚C)

Charge current: Max.100A;Recom.20~40A

Float Charge voltage(-3mV/℃):

13.5-13.8V,recom.13.5V(Full floating system)

13.5-13.8V,recom.13.62V(Cycle use system)

Equalize charge:13.8-14.1V,recom.14.1V(-4mV/ ˚C)
Cycle charge:14.4-15.0V,recom.14.4V(-5mV/ ˚C)
Self discharge3% of capacity declined per month at 25˚C