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Solar photovoltaic panel selection

(1) Raw materials and battery components generally include battery sheets, EVA, back sheets, aluminum alloy frames, and tempered glass. If inferior batteries are used, irregularities will occur, causing defects during the lamination process. Copper-tin-copper is bent and tightened; and bubbles are generated. This proves that residual voids will still occur during heating and sealing at 160 °C. The battery is very important for sealing and anti-oxidation, otherwise it is 1-2 in the open air. The annual service life, including the filling of the frame gaps, is an important part of the process.


1) The electrical performance parameters of the solar panel are tested under the international standard conditions (AM=1.5:1000W/square meter, 25 degrees). The actual use environment is not the same, so the measured data will be different.

2) The power generation capacity of solar panels is closely related to light intensity, ambient temperature, installation angle, and the like. Changes in each link will affect its power generation.

3) When the installation/displacement angle of the solar panel is generally toward the south (that is, the angle between the vertical plane of the solar panel and the south is 0), the power generation amount is ***, and the ground level is 45°.

4) The amount of solar power generated is constantly changing. It is a curve process. Generally, there is less power generation in the morning and evening, and more power is generated in the afternoon and afternoon.

5) The sunshine time is not equal to the effective power generation time of solar energy. There are more than 9 hours of sunshine in the general area of China, but the effective power generation time is usually about 4 hours.