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The sun inexhaustible source of energy without which life could not exist. Its radiations towards the Earth make possible natural processes such as photosynthesis, rain, wind and sea currents, in addition to the formation of non-renewable fossil energy resources such as oil, gas, coal, etc.

For many years we have used these sources of energy in an increasingly irrational way and we have reached a point where, if consumed at this rate, they will be exhausted quickly, without taking into account the ecological damage caused to the Earth, as well as environmental pollution. which affects our health. From the above, it is understood that it is increasingly urgent to have sources of energy to replace or support conventional fuels, so it is also urgent to have devices that convert solar energy into useful energy such as electricity and thermal energy. satisfy different requests.

On the surface of the earth, nature has endowed humanity with a virtually unlimited source of energy. Today we already have the techniques and the knowledge necessary to develop this important natural resource: solar energy.

That's why it's important to keep in mind that the Sun sends us energy in the form of radiation, every day and at the front door.

Solar energy turns out to be the best energy that can be counted at the moment; It is inexhaustible and of great quality from an ecological point of view.