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Solar Energy - How to determine the quantity and what can we get?

Many people may want to know how to determine the amount of solar energy that reaches our planet and what it can use (if any). Solar radiation - Because its intensity is truly measured, in China you can determine the number of nearly 1,200 kWh / square meter.

If we look at the energy of economists in a sunny light, we will definitely say that it is worthwhile to use it in the family. It should be considered that systems using this renewable energy are cheaper and the electricity bill is not the lowest. Considering all these factors, it is worth investing in this energy. Statistics show that people who use solar panels every day can save 1,200 zlots per year. Therefore, the investment will be paid fairly quickly. Other facilities and services of the hotel Solar benefits This solar user can rely on free heating of water, which saves 70% of the traditional heating costs.