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Single crystal PERC fell the most, diamond line polycrystalline continued to rise


On November 21, EnergyTrend released the latest PV industry chain price. The average price of polysilicon is still 146 yuan/kg. The long-term single-locked market has less transaction volume. The average price of diamond-line multi-chip is 4.9 yuan/piece, and the demand for price continues to rise, 180μm single crystal. The average price of silicon wafers is 5.6 yuan/piece, and the average price of PERC single crystal batteries is 1.93 yuan/watt, which is the biggest drop. The average price of ordinary single crystal cells and high-efficiency polycrystalline batteries is 1.72 yuan/watt; the average price of single crystal components is 2.85 yuan. / watt, with polycrystalline price difference of 0.08 yuan / watt, close to the price-performance standard value of 0.06 yuan / watt.