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photovoltaic street light

That is to say, the solar street lamps familiar to the people have been widely used in the construction of beautiful villages in various places. It can be said that photovoltaic street lamps are one of the most suitable photovoltaic products for rural areas, and have the following four major advantages:

1 Easy installation and cost savings. When installing, do not need to set up complex lines, just make a cement base, make a battery pit, and fix it with galvanized bolts. No need to consume a lot of manpower, material resources, financial resources.

2 Low maintenance costs, one investment and long-term benefits. Because the line is simple, no maintenance costs are incurred and no expensive electricity costs are incurred. 6-7 years to recover costs, 3-4 years to save more than 1 million electricity and maintenance costs. The city's circuit lights have high electricity costs and complicated lines, and it is necessary to maintain the lines for a long time without interruption.

3 energy saving and environmental protection. Photovoltaic street lamps use natural light sources in nature to reduce the consumption of electric energy; no pollution, no radiation, in line with modern green environmental protection concepts.

4 security. Mains lighting street lights may have safety hazards due to various reasons such as construction quality, aging materials, and power supply failure. The photovoltaic street lamp does not use alternating current, and the battery is used to absorb solar energy, and the low-voltage direct current is converted into light energy, and there is no safety hazard.