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Operating Voltage

Rated voltage of the actual operating voltage comprises a battery pack and a battery pack of two aspects, and the need to be compatible with the lead-acid battery voltage range. The traditional lead-acid battery of 12V nominal voltage of 12V, the actual operating voltage range is generally 10. 5V to 14. 5V. New iron phosphate lithium battery, the nominal voltage is 3. 2V, the operating voltage range of 2. 5V to 3. 65V, lithium iron phosphate for four strings, 12V battery composed of a lithium ion, a nominal voltage 12. 8V the actual operating voltage range 10. OV to 14. 6V, S Jie operating voltage range of lithium iron phosphate 12. 8V and 12V lead-acid battery operating voltage range coincide. While the lead-acid battery rated voltage higher than the rated voltage, but this does not inconvenience the nominal voltage of the battery, opposite in practical use lithium iron phosphate 12. 8V above 12V lead-acid battery discharge platform, the actual use of the effect of lithium iron phosphate will have better results.