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How does the battery give up power?

Using a battery is like a car. The faster we drive, the more we smoke, which means the smaller the distance, but the higher the water resistance.


100A battery, C20 current is 20. 5A will give us 100Ah in 20 hours, and it will drive at 3km / h on the motor with the maximizer, so we will drive 60km, the result is impressive.

The same battery of 20A can only give us 80Ah, so we can only flow for 4h at 5km / h, which will give us a distance of 20km.

However, when the battery consumption 50A will give us 65AH time sailing is exactly 1h, and about 7km in 15 minutes will give us a distance of about 9km.

Why is this distance difference? - On the water, the speed resistance increases to the cube.