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The importance of a well-functioning lithium-ion battery is BMS (Battery Management System)

Prevent Overvoltage and Undervoltage / Prevent High Charge/Discharge Current / Identify Damaged Cells / Cell Equilibrium / Temperature Monitoring / Refrigerant Control / SoH Estimation / Cycle Counter / SoC Estimation / Battery Management System (BMS)

The LiFePO4 battery has a built-in BMS, which is absolutely necessary for all LiFePO4 batteries. The BMS is an electronic component in the battery cabinet that prevents battery overload. This is one of them:

Internal unit balancing, monitoring each unit and ensuring that they are all charged (unbalanced). Without this feature, some batteries pull the entire load and “fatigue” prematurely, significantly reducing the life of the entire battery. Prevent overcharging and undercharging. If the battery is lowered or the discharge is too hard (<10V), the service life will be greatly reduced. If this happens, the internal electronics will turn off the charging current.