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battery energy storage applications

Currently the battery or battery energy storage applications, the 12V lead-acid batteries affected by years of use, the 12V battery form has become the de facto industry standard, in various fields applied to the battery, it has formed a voltage of 12V a reference series, for example in the automotive battery applications, has formed two voltage standard 24V and 12V, all the electrical devices are based on the two reference voltages, the design; electric bicycle applications, in the standard application form 24, 36,48V electric bicycle as a reference, which is supporting the motor, the controller, lighting, etc., are all above-described standard voltage design basis. As comer lithium battery, in practical applications, because the role is to gradually replace the traditional lead-acid batteries, had to consider the fact that the range of application of a conventional battery voltage standards. I.e., as a rising star lithium battery must be able to inherit existing standard lead-acid battery of 12V. In fact, a standard lithium-ion battery voltage of 12V appears in the form of standard, conventional battery can be realized parallel strings, the application field of lithium ion battery will greatly expand.