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Battery charging:

We charge the GEL, AGM, ACID batteries after each use and before use, if the last charge occurred two weeks ago. We charge the ACID battery immediately after use. We charge the LiFePo4 battery before use, and this technology is not stored like a full charge. After uninstalling LiFePo4, if we don't use it in the near future, we will load it to half capacity. Currently, most gel batteries, AGM rechargeable current capacity models, which allow for higher currents (see battery description) of 20% when lead-acid batteries are around 10%, unless the owner's manual says otherwise. For charging, use a modern charger with intelligent control, only such a charger has a soft start, a correct charging process and does not overcharge the battery.

Connect the charger's terminals directly to the battery post, never use them for screws or butterflies!

For batteries connected in parallel or in a hybrid, we must remember that the connection must consist of a very good and properly chosen low loss bridge with a suitable cross section. In addition, the batteries must be connected so that they compensate for the resistance of the wires!