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Advantages of lithium iron phosphate or LiFePO4 batteries compared to other types of lithium solar cells

The service life is longer and the discharge voltage is very constant, about 3.2V. Since there is no peak in the discharge, the battery constituting the battery is less degraded. Therefore, they have a longer life expectancy, which means that their frequency of change will decrease.

In lead-acid batteries, if the batteries are not fully charged for a long time, their life will be shortened. However, in LFP batteries, for this reason, its life is not affected, they do not need to be fully charged.

effectiveness. The energy efficiency of LFP batteries is about 92%, while that of lead-acid batteries is 80%.

Dimensions and Weight LFP batteries have a lower weight and space, up to 70% of lead-acid batteries.

The charging process is much faster, they allow high load currents.

They do not emit gas and can be installed anywhere.