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Photovoltaic system photovoltaic system

The construction is largely similar to a thermal device. Here, collectors and "storage containers" are also the most prominent elements. We must fill in the battery for the term "tank", but in reality this is just a technical term for a power storage tank (battery = collector). Before describing all the building blocks of a PV plant, it is important to consider the application of the PV system. When and where do we apply PV systems? If not explained in detail immediately, we can say that solar power is very expensive compared to the power of the Dutch power outlet. If we are guided by price, most of the applications of solar power in the Netherlands will be lost. We have a very good network in the Netherlands and it is very reliable. We found most applications in the rural areas of the Netherlands, or rather where there are no exits nearby. This applies not only to the Netherlands, but also to most Western Europe. Most applications exist in the energy supply of livestock drinking water pumps, small (emergency) transmitters and light bulbs, and of course household energy for campsites, holiday homes, ships and remote homes.